Book – This is How I Grieve … and I’m OK (b/w Edition Paperback) – By Shelia D. Abrams

There are many reasons why people grieve. In my case, I had the sudden loss of my two children who were killed in a car accident, and I was badly injured, when we were hit by a drunk driver. There are certain basic similarities to what happens to us when we suffer a devastating loss. There are patterns or stages that many of us have heard about. But I fully believe that every experience of grief is unique to the individual who goes through it. So no one can tell you how to grieve. Your journey will be your own. I wrote this book to express to you my journey through overwhelming sadness as a way of supporting your personal, private grieving and healing process. I want to share with you not just how I came back to life, love, and faith after the incomprehensible and devastating loss of my two beautiful and amazing children. I also want to tell you about the input that didn’t work, the traditional offerings that weren’t right for me, and the deep strength that I drew from my learning various ways to process grief in my own and personal way. I hope that it is supportive and healing to you, however grief and tragedy have touched you. My book is here to tell you that it is time to say, “This is how I grieve… andI’m OK.”

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