Bad Questions?

As early as childhood we have all heard that there is no such thing as a bad question. Perhaps as a child this holds true, but as an adult this is simply untrue.

As one grows into adulthood, there are things that you just need to know, and if you do not know the answer, then google it before asking questions that will make you look dumb, or even worst, expose you or the organization you represent to legal risk.

Asking good questions are even more important when you hold certain positions. The answers to good questions often aid in the development of solutions that help you and/or the organization move closer toward achieving goals.

Asking bad questions slows down progress in many ways. An example of a very bad question would be an accountant asking what is a debit or credit? Now, I understand that everyone reading this may not know the answer to this question, but if your accountant is asking this question, find a new accountant.

In closing, ask plenty of questions, just make sure that you are asking good questions.

I welcome your thoughts on the topic.

All the best,

D.A. Abrams, CAE

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